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Change? Change How?

Hydra says, «Mammals eat many times a day.» Skullyflower thinks to himself, «Mammals? I thought she was a human?» Hydra leaves the room saying,«I'll be right back, I'm just going to change.» to which SkullyFlower wonders, «Change? Change how? I was just getting used to her.» Hydra reamerges in a different tee shirt and shorts saying, «Okay, I'm Ready!» SkullyFlower responds «Oh good! You are still you.» They leave, waving good bye to the gargoyles who guard the house and Sockie and Bunny who are in the upstairs window. Then when they are outside the front yard gate, Hydra says, «Here you go!» giving the skateboard to SkullyFlower, who says, «I suppose my days of being carried are over, huh?» «'Fraid so.»

The story is creeping along slowly, so I'll remind you that before this fist panel, Hydra had commented about being hungry and SkullyFlower was confused because he saw her eat that morning.

I don't objectively think the drawing in this installment is that much worse than previous ones, but it sure seemed that way to me when I was posting it. I think it's mostly because I'm stretching just a tiny bit out of my comfort zone. Perspective and backgrounds are not my strong suits, and I was forcing myself to content with both here.

Hey! I'm drawing SkullyFlower again.

Brrring Brrrrring. The phone is ringing. SkullyFlower yells from the other room, «I'm not here!» Hydra responds, «Not Again?!?» SkullyFlower says «Frank keeps calling - he wants me to join his ghost hunting group.» Hydra says, «I know that. I'm the one talking to him. Why don't you just tell him «No?» «Duh. because he's a great guy and I don't want to hurt his feelings» «Wait. You like him, and that's why you're not talking to him?» «Yes?» «That's some advanced nonsense for a flower.»

Meanwhile, somewhere else, Frank is trying to call Skullyflower. «Dang! I can't get a hold of Skullyflower. He seemed so into it and I promised he could help form the ghost group. I hate to start without him, but... If he's this busy, he'll just hold us up, anyway. Well, I tried.» Frank presses end call on his cell phone.

Wooo hoooo! It's been like 6 years.

Anyway. I will try to remember to post here, but like most people I've mostly moved my bloggin to where the action is: tumbler, and Facebook However, being sick of the ever changing whims of the internet, I've added an RSS feed to my own website, so you can subscribe to that and never miss an installment.

Happy Zombie

Happy Zombie
It's just such a relief not having to worry about how I look, what I eat, or how I'm acting.
I've never been so happy. BRAAAAAINS.
I had a dream that my best friend moved away with her boy friend and I was so incredibly sad, and was pleading with her to move back. When I woke up I remembered that it was I who had moved away and I felt so bad. I've been very homesick. I'm saving my pennies. It won't be too much longer, Brooke.

I spent this beautiful day, with a sick stomach. I got to watched a few episodes of that new netflix show and it's pretty good in that modern tv show kind of way. Everything is all crazy and getting crazier every episode.


And the doodles just keep on coming...

I've just posted a backlog of spontaneous art-lets for you into my sketchbook. I hope you enjoy them.

Hmmm... Let's see. What's news worthy? Not a whole hell of a lot. I'm working on a thing for you, but I don't want to say much about it until it's done. I've been procrastinating, but that's not news.

Wow! It sure was Friday for a long time.

no sleep, auto-bio doodle comic

After I posted that silly ghost a few weeks ago, this happened, and then some other stuff is going on so I haven't been doing much drawing or scribbling.

Spring is in the air. I'm excited that the water is becoming liquid again outside, but I'll be mourning that hour we just lost all week long.

Until next time!

Oh Howdy, there.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Hat Ghost Hello

A whole nother doodle post

Hey, Hello,
Just another doodle for you.

More playing with brush and ink. I'm not digging this paper. It's difficult to get a good line.

Mostly just practicing with the brush and ink. This is a poor scan job, the smoke is slightly better.

Dance! Bot!

Dance! Bot!
...that is all.


I had intended to draw a coyote, but it ended up looking a little bit like the old Doddie Diner mascot.